Taking Pictures of Your Favorite Casino

Taking Pictures of Your Favorite Casino

One of the most fun parts of a casino is when you can watch the poker stars or other entertainers. What if we could take a picture of them? That would be even more fun to look at on the computer.

Poker stars and other entertainers are not supposed to be there, but the casino owners are still allowed to have them present. There are cameras in place that will take pictures of everything that goes on around the casino. The number of people who take pictures of their favorite show does not surprise anyone in Las Vegas.

Guests are allowed to take pictures as long as they are discreet. The staffs are trained to recognize when someone is trying to take a shot of someone else. If you want to take a picture of someone, either stay closer to the crowd or use a flash so that people can clearly see your image.

You may also want to keep your picture of a casino away from showing to kids and adults as they may get confused and misconstrued. If you have children around, try to find a time where the children will not be watching what you are doing. Children learn the quickest at the worst times.

A casino is supposed to be family oriented and you may want to keep your pictures away from children. You should be sure that the casino has rules about the pictures you take. Most casinos do not allow them in the gift shop but will allow you to take pictures when you are outside of the casino.

The casino manager will usually allow you to put a sign in your car with your photo and a “please keep my picture out of the hands of children” sign. Make sure that the sign is near your car or there is an adult in the room with you. There are not many people who will do something like this so keep it to yourself.

Why not have a nice hat? You may be in the guest services department so you are likely to be wearing a nice hat. You can hang a camera on your hat and take pictures of the people sitting on the chairs beside you. It is possible that they will stare when they see your camera.

There are many things you can do with your camera that may interest other guests, so it is best to think out of the box and think up something you have never done before Lapak303 . Take as many pictures as you can and make sure that the people around you know that you are going to be taking pictures of them. They will appreciate it.